Learn to listen…

It only takes you to really listen, to others, to your body, the universe, and mainly to your heart; to figure things out, to maybe solve some issues, to realize how well equipped you are to handle everything you are faced with during your time on Earth.

I enjoy talking to people, getting into their brain, absorbing the positive, broadening my way of thinking in the process.

For a long time I was mad and I either internalized what I was going through or I took it out on someone else. I got to the point where I wanted to give up, but I always went back to the Voice that keep speaking to me. It came in various forms, I’ve ignored it plenty times but it kept coming.

I’ve gotten better at listening and it has allowed me to feel better at times, but it also helped me work on my spirituality which then lead me to understand the last 10 years of my life, from minor pain to surgery, major pain and dealing with the mental baggage that came with it all.

I can honestly say now that I understand my mission better.

Smile, it could be worse!!!

Focus more on what you do know…

I think it’s easy to be be pessimistic and take the negative connotation of everything that is said, the real challenge is to see the positive side of things.

I’ve been experiencing a few issues that are not only delicate but very challenging. At times I’ve even wondered if I am attracting those things in my life or if they were meant to happen regardless… I know one thing for sure, I’ve dealt with depression before and I would hate to fall back into anything that remotely resembles depression, once again.

They say what you focus on grows, so I’m giving myself this challenge instead; “focus on what you do know”. I know how dark depression can be, i know how easy it is to fall back into depression, and I for sure know I want to be as far away from it as I possibly can.

As we’re entering September, Sickle Cell Awareness Month, I want to focus on promoting the side of Sickle Cell that is less talked about, which is mental health. It is to be expected when you’re going through a crisis for it to affect you mentally; long hospital nights that turn into unrecognizable hospital days, fighting for your wellbeing with doctors who want to play God, all of it affects your psyche; so while we’re educating the world, let’s also discuss the mental health chapter within the Sickle Cell handbook.

Smile, it could be worse!!!