Side effects of Sickle Cell…

I start a new job today and I’m supposed to be happy, a little nervous, all the normal emotions that come with that particular occasion.

For me however, I’m stressed beyond anything I can think of. I barely slept last night and I’m having jitters this morning at the office. I’m not stressed because I’m worried the job will be too hard or I’m not going to grasp the concept of my job, I’m stressing because I’m afraid.

I’m afraid that Sickle Cell is going to act up, I’m afraid I’m going to start feeling pain, a bunch of stuff are running through my mind right now and it’s unfair to me. I’m trying to get off that energy but it’s quite challenging.

My Warriors know what I’m talking about, but for those who don’t know, this particular situation should want to encourage you to keep spreading awareness, keep pushing for Sickle Cell to be taken seriously, to help Sickle Cell go viral; because, I could easily make myself sick and stop being considered as the ideal candidate for this position.

We have to talk about this. We have to spread awareness. We have to make this happen. But more importantly, we must know that no matter how Sickle Cell acts up, we can still be the best version of ourselves and make our mark in this world, as long as we leave everything in God’s hands…

Smile, it could be worse!!!

2 thoughts on “Side effects of Sickle Cell…”

  1. I allow myself to share your topic. I feel it’s like i was listening to myself.
    Keep it up and keep shining, warrior


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