Alone with my thoughts…

Someone once told me that I shouldn’t wait for people/things to make me happy, instead, I should wake up in the morning and decide that I’m going to be happy, enjoy my day and not let anything or anyone ruin it. All that makes sense if you live in your own world (and I mean this literally), because you can’t control others; so I thought.

Then I started realizing that this wise person was right. It took me some time to realize it but what’s important is that I did realize it. Once it all started to make sense to me, I was able to link that “formula” with my health and I started feeling better.

I woke up extra early today because something was bothering me, so much so that I had a constant headache. I kept telling myself that things really shouldn’t have such an impact on me, but I couldn’t figure out how to get over it. I started thinking about that particular person then I decided to meditate on that instead of letting the other issue take over. Then it clicked.

It’s my life, my experience, my story. I hold the pen that writes the pages of my book. I decide what goes on the book and what stays out. I have a “big ole” eraser at the end of my own for a reason. I always wants to make sure that each chapter ends on a positive note (happiness if you must).

By now I’ve put on my thinking cap and focused on the triggers, whether it be people/things or simply pain related, all things you can’t control, you are still the author of what happens next. How you decide to deal with things, allow things to occupy your brain space, or whatever it may be, your attitude determines how your day is gonna go.

As a SickleCeller, I deal with insomnia on a daily basis, I have a good night sleep 2 nights out of 7, and I function fine at this point (I think back to when I was 9 and couldn’t sleep, I would stay up and watch the moon, insomnia has been by my side for years 😆, what a great friend!!! ) because I use that time to reflect, meditate, converse with God, and by the time I have to get ready for work; I have had time to turn the negatives into positive. Now if I only I could turn the pain into something that came with a great physical feeling (still working on it 😆).

The world will always keep turning, life will go on whether or not you have to take time for yourself, time to heal; so you have to decide if you want to stay down/feel sorry for yourself and miss out or, process what is going on, take the best out of it, end your story, chapter by chapter, on a positive note and keep up with the world allowing yourself to live your best life, even when things/people/situations/diseases try to get the best out of you.

Smile, it could be worse!!!

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