I’m never really pain free but considering where I come from, being hospitalized 11 out of 12 months for the past 2 years, couple of times per month, having a level 2 pain for the past 2 months calls for a celebration.

Haïti makes me feel different, better even if I dare. I have not been at a level 2 pain in ages and it makes me feel like I can do a backflip and I’m super excited!

I thought to write this because it’s been pouring rain, and as mentioned in previous posts, the rain is my #1 enemy; but here I am just “chilling”, for lack of a better word. I’m not completely pain free but compared to what I would be living if it was a rainy day in Florida, I consider myself being pain free right now.

There’s always the fear in the back of my head, the worry that I may need to be hospitalized, or might just have a serious crisis, and be in hot water then because my country doesn’t provide proper healthcare for its people, but all this does is fuel my fire. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “be the change you want to see”, I’m going to be doing just that, however long it takes me, I’m determined to provide healthcare to my fellow Warriors here in Haiti; I’m going to be the change.

I also find that with me not being in as much pain, my mind is clearer and I make better decisions. I have a better attitude towards how I deal with things/people/situations; and I’m 5000% sure it’s because I don’t have to use this medical heroin anymore, which I’m super grateful for!!! Now if only I could be InsomniaFree, will that be too much to ask?

Celebrate the small victories, be grateful for the small wins, which in all reality aren’t really that small. A pain crisis is a destructive thing a Warrior’s body has to endure, and at the rate I was having mines, I’m blessed and grateful to have had those 2 months where I can not only recover but also enjoy my person.

Smile, it could be worse!!!

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