Does time really heal all wounds?

We have all heard this sentence, in songs, in poems, from more experienced, and even from people who repeat stuff just to repeat them. But, does time really heal all wounds?

From regular interaction with others, I find that most people tend to avoid talking about their mental health. In my culture, or maybe in general, society makes it seem like having mental health issues, talking to a psychiatrist and/or a psychologist, is a sign of weakness; this could not be further from the truth.

Everything I think of, everyone I interact with, someway somehow, my thoughts always go back to Sickle Cell Disease. I try to find a correlation, I try to understand my thoughts, I try to understand my relationships, all through Sickle Cell. I also try to make sense of “regular sayings” obviously.

What wounds exactly does time heal?  Physical? Mental? Emotional? Financial? I have had the privilege of experiencing all those wounds. My opinion is definitely going to be biased but personally, I feel that time only heals physical wounds. I have had a few surgeries thus far, hopefully, no more, the wounds have healed beautifully, but even as time passes, the mental anguish that came with all the surgeries have not healed because of time.

After surgery #1, I had no time to focus on my mental health because I had to have surgery #2 a month later. After surgery #2; I had to do more therapy, had to learn to walk again while life was still going on. Time did pass me by, I had to readapt. With time, my body started healing my physical wounds. I have the scars as a result.

No one really talks about how mentally challenging it can be when you are recovering from surgeries. More time has passed since my wounds have healed, it took me a few months for them to fully heal, but the mental anguish is not something that time has healed. Everything I have faced and have had to deal with mentally and psychologically as a result of my bilateral hip replacements has had a residual impact on me. Where is the time when you really need it to heal wounds? When has enough time gone by for me to be considered healed?

One thing I can say for sure is that, time, away from what seems like everything else, can teach you how to deal with things, how to put things in perspective. It can be a great teacher. The School of Life! It has taught me that I am naturally equipped with the strength I need to live with Sickle Cell Disease , that I am a Warrior, and I have it in me to spread this awareness.

I, for one, know that I will not keep saying “Time heals all wounds” because I am still mentally wounded after 10 years, but I now have an idea on how to better handle the struggle. How to see things from different eyes, how to accept certain (nonsensical at times) situations and be in the present.

Smile, it could be worse!!!