Another side of living with SCD in Haiti…

I’ve been back in Haiti for a while now, and I’m scheduled back in the states in a week’s time. Meanwhile, plenty has happened in Haiti, mainly politically; or is it politrickally? I’m making up words again…

In my spreading of awareness, I’ve mentioned that stress, not only a killer among”normal” people, causes real danger to those living with Sickle Cell Disease, to my fellow Warriors. I’ve shared a bit of a stressful situation I experienced while here, and thankfully that did not lead to a crisis.

November 18th is a national holiday in Haiti, it’s Battle of Vertières Day and it is an annual celebration which commemorates the victory of the battle in the Second War of Haitian Independence in 1803. Usually there’s a parade, but as of recently, the Haitian people has been protesting and demanding justice, launching an interesting movement (this post has to be done another day), but unfortunately the movement got infiltrated and politricks took over. Needless to say, Haiti is in a crisis.

The protests have begun since Sunday (November 18th, 2018), forcing people to stay home and be on a “forced leave”, or should I dare say “forced vacation”. At times some of them have been violent with burning tires and some shootings; a real political crisis.

In my little corner of the house, while I’m being forced to stay inside, I start stressing. It was normal to worry and I was able to accept staying home the following Monday, then Tuesday came and left. Wednesday also came and is leaving. I foresee Thursday and Friday going the exact same way as Monday and Tuesday. I’m still stressing; I start thinking about everything. God forbid this crisis (sickle cell crisis) starts and we’re still in the middle of this crisis (political crisis).

In my head I start seeing and feeling my initial fear. I always said that if I were to have a crisis while in Haïti, it’s going to be a real crisis. There’s a crisis in Haiti right now, and I’m stressing, causing me to possibly go into crisis, which will in turn create another crisis because of the crisis (political). While I love the play on words, I’m kinda screwed!!!

Living in Haiti is super challenging for everyone, add Sickle Cell to the equation and things get complicated. Should I stay? Should I leave? The fact remains that I have not seen the inside of a hospital in 3 months and that makes me real happy, but that little thing in the back of my head might be coming true sooner than I expected. What’s an island girl to do? Especially when she’s 98% happier and healthier in Haiti?

Smile, it could be worse!!!

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