Oh how I’ve longed for YOU!!!

The beginning of quarantine did not encourage me to do anything productive, positive; nothing!!! I was just existing… At times it scared me because of the familiarity it had with some of the scariest times in my life.

A lot has happened! I’ve been going through a lot, as I suppose every single person on this planet has.

With every situation, I felt like I grew up a lot. People call me Warrior and/or Soldier and it has been quite a challenge for me to accept that title and to wear it with Honor.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you are very aware of the purpose of the blog, but in case you’re never read any previous post I have made, the title of my blog should be the biggest clue. At times I allow myself to be super vulnerable and write candidly and other times, I have the biggest block and I can NOT for the life of me feel inspired, motivated, and to be quite frank, at times, I have found myself not caring enough about promoting awareness.

My title has ambiguity in it. I’ve been working on my relationship with God, the spiritual part of my being. I am starting to crack this person down. I’m seeing a new and improved version of Gathy whom I longed for. I can only seriously relate this to SCD; because of what I have been going through physically, I lost a lot of the essence of who I’m supposed to be; but I was faced with hard reality and made a choice. I have longed for this version of me and the only way I was able to discover her was by longing for and looking for God at a different level.

Writing this post hasn’t been easy because it feels like I should be writing a book on it. I have to edit, delete and contain everything I need to say to make it fit a blog post. I believe ”the best is yet to come”. Best of Gathy by way of Best of God!!!

Smile, it could be worse!!!

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