My Twilight Zone… (opioids induced…)

I have been focusing more and more on the idea of transitioning completely and totally to Medical Cannabis and I am 93% there, but what of the remaining 7%?

Every time I take a trip to Trulieve (my dispensary), I come home not only happier but also more convinced that I am making the right choice by transitioning. Now I see my hematologist monthly and he is not the one who prescribes the cannabis, so I always leave his office with a prescription for Hydromorphone.

So far, the only negative I can honestly say that I have experienced with the medical cannabis is the fact that the products are not covered by insurance, and it gets pricey. That is something I think needs to be changed and I feel like it is part of my calling to start working on that to insure that our baby Warriors can reap the benefits.

I recommend that anyone, especially living in Florida, venturing into the world of medical cannabis, do not limit yourself and most importantly, think about how much it rains in Florida. If money permits, try oils, capsules, ointments and/or anything else that will help and also that you will be able to use if it is pouring rain, especially if you don’t live alone.

I was in pain earlier, around 2:30 a.m., enough to know that I needed to take something for it. My choices were: 1) roll a joint or 2) take an 8mg diluadid (hydromorphone). Of course I opted for choice 1. Great! I got up, rolled my joint and headed outside to take in my medicine. Upon opening the door, I realized it was pouring rain; my AC was running, maybe that is why I did not hear the rain, but I was sure the rain was on the way because of the pain. Well shucks then, now I have to go with option 2.

I realized long ago that when I take my oral diluadid close to or after 12:00 a.m (midnight), I have more difficulty sleeping. What do you mean you ask? Well, let me tell you! I have yet to figure it out, and maybe I will pose the question to the SCD community and to some of the doctor friends I have. When I take my pain pills late in the night or early in the night (or is it the day?), I end up in my twilight zone.

After taking the opioid, since my system is more used to it now, it takes me a good hour before I can get any relief, which sucks big time but I digress. I eventually fall asleep, but it feels as if I am not really asleep. I know I am sleeping, my eyes are closed, but it feels like an out of body experience. On the nights that it is more challenging for me to fall asleep, I put on my headphones and listen to some music and fall asleep eventually (does not work every time unfortunately), but on the nights that I do use the opioids around the time aforementioned, my headphones are in, my “Celine Dion” or my gospel is playing on low, I feel myself falling asleep, so I know I fell asleep for sure; but then, I feel as if I get out of my body and I then am watching myself sleep, if that makes sense. Kinda creepy actually but since it’s me watching me, it’s all good lol. I recall every single detail during my opioid induced twilight nights, and I dislike those with a passion.

If you live in Florida and you are starting your journey towards Medical Cannabis, whether it’s for minor or major use, take into consideration that you might not be able to go outside to enjoy your meds because it is always raining, if you do not smoke inside your house that is.

Now that it is 8:17 a.m., it is still raining, but at least the sun is out. You think I will get super wet if I step out for a quick minute? Lol… Let me try to catch some zzzzz’s before the day starts starts. If you have a solution for this twilight zone I deal with, please share.

Now, smile it could be worse!!!

2 thoughts on “My Twilight Zone… (opioids induced…)”

  1. I’m dealing with that too and it’s really awful. This is the reason I do not want to take opioids. You’re falling asleep but it’s not the common way, it’s like falling into a black hole, your mind is awake, but your body is unresponsive with some flashbacks of conscience.


    1. I’m sorry you’re going through this but in a sense I’m happy to know I’m not the only one going through it. We have to find answers and I wish they had medical marijuana approved in 🇭🇹 maybe we can get that started. I hope we get some regular sleep


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