I create as I speak (avra kadavra)…

You try to find yourself while on this journey called life and try to relate to what people say for the most part (people, groups, beliefs, etc.), until one day certain things make sense to you OR you experience an emotion with something you hear, see, touch and/or smell.

To make it clearer, depending on what you believe in, you’ve probably heard people talk about manifesting; for some that’s called “faith” but the process is simply “creating as you speak”. Might have a different meaning to you or you’ve probably expressed it differently but at the end of the day I think we’re all after the same thing.

We usually wait until the turn of the year to make plans for that year, to come up with our resolutions and things of the like; here’s a thought, we would still be making plans for 365 days, do we have to start on 01/01/2021? Are we not making plans for the 12 following months?

For the most part, we have had quite a challenging year; for some of us, we’re still being forced to stay home because of the infamous Vid-19, so why not start working on our “resolution” right this minute? Why not start creating? Why not?

2020 has not been the best year, but we’ve made it to the end, we’ve soldiered through and should be thankful and grateful.

Here’s my POV, let’s not wait until 01/01/2021 to start living out our resolution, start manifesting, start creating, and have faith that as we start creating, we will speak our thoughts into existence and reach our goals.

Happy New Year and abracadabra or better yet, avra kadavra !!!

Smile, it could be worse…

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