Sooooo, this little thing happened to me…

I’ve been gone from social media (which can be a relief), gone from my Warrior Wednesday episodes (these I miss doing), but it’s for a great cause. I have not been hospitalized for a crisis since August 2020, aside from the one week in April before my precious cargo arrived.

I had a baby!!! My son is gonna be 3 months old soon and he is EVERYTHING!!!

Yes that mean more sleepless nights for me but here I am at 5:10AM writing this with this huge smile on my face. I experience these sleepless nights differently now. It’s nothing compared to insomnia.

My pregnancy was great. I had NO pain for about 7 months and once I started looking pregnant, my feet were swollen, then I became uncomfortable.

I feel like I can go on and on about my pregnancy because of how much better I felt pregnant; to the point where my niece told me to get pregnant again right after I give birth, but I’ll spare you because I’m gonna start sounding like I’m gloating.

My son (I’m a mom!!!!) got tested for SickleCell and when I tell you God like to show off… This baby came out with Hemoglobin AS and is doing better than great at this point.

Now I gotta go, gotta try to sneak in some zzz’s but I’m already thinking about my next post while I’m all smiles…

Now I gotta go but please do remember to smile because it could definitely be worse…

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